OGF 250×350 Fire Pump

Single stage, single suction centrifugal pump.

Performance data:
Capacity: 400 –1900 m³/h
Total head: 70 –200 mlc
Speed: 1500-2100 rpm
Fluid: Fresh/Sea water

OGF 250×350 model is designed for fresh and sea water duties. The pump is direct diesel engine driven, electrical motor driven or PTO gear driven. Single stage, single suction centrifugal pump. Horizontal mounting with end suction or side bottom suction bends.

Shaft seal: Soft gland packing or mechanical seal
Bearings: Grease lubricated ball bearings
Coating: Carboline epoxy. Makers standard

Materials: Casing in Ni-Al-Bronze or Nodular cast iron, impeller in Ni-Al-Bronze, shaft in stainless steel

Approvals and testing
OGF 250×350 is designed to fit the FiFi I class requirements for offshore vessels, tugs and other applications.

Performance test in accordance with ISO 2548 engineering grade 2
Hydrostatic pressure tested to 1,5 times working pressure.