Container Based Dispersant System

The system is based on a 10 feet standard fright container that is lifted on board the deck of a boat. Inside the container is stored a 12.5 m long hydraulically operated crane arm. The arm is divided into 2.5 m long sections and has 3 joints that can be bent individually by means of hydraulic cylinders. In addition, the arm can rotate around 300 degrees horizontally. Outer end of the crane arm is a hydraulic motor driven swivel that allows the nozzle section for dispersant to be rotated 360 degrees. The nozzle section can easily be replaced by quick coupling and change the spray pattern of  a section with 3 nozzles to one with a single nozzle. Nozzle type selected is a Flat Spray JBM 2124 with spray angle of 45 degrees.

By extensive experiments in both laboratory and in the field has proven to be very good performance. Fastened to the crane arm is supply hose for dispersant and hydraulic hoses to the cylinders and the outer rotary hydr.motor. All hoses are fitted with quick couplings.
The crane arm is constructed framework of extruded aluminium with joints and hinges made from stainless steel. This gives high strength and low weight, possibly hand carried, assembled and disassembled by two persons. Crane arm base is attached with hinges to the inside wall of the container that is reinforced with a steel beam. The foundation can then be swung out and supported using two hinged arms with a solid screw with foot pad against the deck of the vessel.

Fixed and integrated in the container is a 1000 Ltr. tank and electric motor driven centrifugal pump for dispersant, plus a hydraulic power unit.

All control functions are remotely controlled from a portable control panel.

The unit is a standard ISO container and to be transported like any standard fright container

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This container was tested in the Arctic with SINTEF. To read the article in the Offshore Support Journal, click the link below.