To extend and complete the application of firefighting equipment Jason have developed a telescopic mast series making it possible to have fire monitors installed at the top. The Jason Telescopic mast is manufactured in two standard sizes for water and foam monitors as well as additional powder nozzle. The masts are available in variouse lengths with corresponding telescopic strokes.

The JASON telescopic mast series is a hydraulic operated mast for water and foam fire monitors.

It is designed for marine and industrial applications such as fire boats, tugs, oil jetters and petrochemical industry.

Elevated by hydraulic operated combined jacking and locking mechanism. Remote controlled from a single control switch. The plunger may be stopped and locked in any position between zero and max. stroke.

Capacity monitor: 500-1200 m3/h
Elevation stroke: 5-16 meters
Elevation speed: 2,5 m/min max


Telescopic mast are tailor made to your request

Telescopic Masts 1
Telescopic Masts 2

Telescopic masts loaded on to truck at Jason Engineering in Drammen, Norway.

This telescopic mast is 15 meters long.

Telescopic mast with jet/fog monitor

Telescopic mast with jet/fog monitor
Tug with telescopicmast TM503 special